Show You Japan Club

Show You Japan Club has been established, under the catch phrase of “We love Japan! Cheer Japan up!”, by people who want to know more about Japanese culture, tradition, tourism, industry, firming and fishing and introduce this information to the world.

Its membership consists of people from various fields and occupations; they conduct club activities while communicating each other.

It is a Japan Fan Club for like-minded people, who love Japan for example its culture, tradition, tourism, industry, firming and fishing, They have gotten together under the aspiration of cheering Japan up! 
 Established in May 2010.

Outline of activities

  1. Networking events, the aim is to encourage members to exchange information.
  2. The execution of various seminars held by its members and/or visiting lecturers.
  3. Provide information web-site, e-mail and print materials.
  4. Organize and hold club events.
  5. Execute an inspection tour of areas and events in and/or outside Japan.
  6. Hold other exchange activities such as study sessions.

Eligibility for membership

  • People who like Japan (Regardless of nationality)
  • People who understand and support the club’s purpose and can pay initial fee of JPY 2,000 for its operating cost.

About admission

You will be a member of the club when you pay the initial fee. Basically, it is a permanent membership unless a member submits his /her withdrawal notice.

Change and/or withdrawal

Any member who wants to change their registration information or withdraw, please contact our secretariat office. Please note, there is no refund of the initiation fee or other costs related to withdrawal.

Prohibited matter

Please not this club is not for the use of promoting religious missionary work and/or sales activities relating to business.


Corporate supporters

Corporate supporters are now wanted

Membership Fee 30,000 yen /year

Specific benefit (annually)

  1. Distribution of SP tools, such as pamphlets, at club events regarding your company.
  2. Advertising/information exposure on the SHOW YOU JAPAN CLUB web-site

For inquiry / apply, please contact through e-mail at



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